Natura non facit saltus

Symbolism is the language of the Subconscious/ Superconscious mind.   To understand Symbolism is to know not only your hidden unconscious mind, but also to understand the nature of all your psychological issues, to see the future for yourself/others and to comprehend your relationship to your invisible, Metaphysical Twin - the real key to the cause of Dementia, all psycholological, co-ordination and cognitive issues that could ever descend upon your world.

Symbolism is Nature's way of communicating to the individual the state of play of their lives.  It can be anything from the feeling experienced after a film has been watched, the emotions experienced upon listening to a song or the discomfort felt by individuals when out of their comfort zone.

Symbolism conveys to the human everything they need to know about the true nature of the Body-Mind system, how to avoid illnesses and diseases of the body-mind – and the relevance of history, in particular Mythological civilisations, Alchemy, Quantum Physics and the Science-Nature continuum of which individuals are a critical part.
If you do understand the highly simplistic and ordered manner in which the Subconscious (both individual and global) works, then you're in a group (the world is ruled by boundaries).  If you don't know, you're in another group.  To know which group people belong to, a few cursory and subtle fact-finding questions usually do the trick.  In fact, you’ll find that often enough words aren’t even necessary:  appearances mean and say most of the things you’ll need to know about individuals living in the 21st century World.
The exterior plus sound will tell you how individuals are subscribing to the subtly imparted Societal mores and standards of acceptability, and how they deal with the universal denial (at least in the Media) of there being anything more to humans than the Conscious, Ego and solid human form and brain, that has no intelligence until it is fed information. 
By understanding the nature and workings of the Unconscious minds (and seek elevation) individuals will escape mental and physical health problems. 
3rd Eye Sage supplies info on the relevance of Spiritual Intelligence, Symbolism and Mythology:  the hidden meanings to all art and creativity, displayed using Symbolism and Subtext (S3).   

  * S -  Symbolism, Subtext and Subliminals - the language of the Metaphysical Twin, or the Unconscious minds of everyone, inclulding Spirit and Soul.  Also used to progress the World Forward Agenda.


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