An original, alternative way of looking at the human being: mental and physical health, by reframing the context of the world that humans inhabit and the psi-chology of humans themselves.

 From the era of Mythology, through history and up to the 21st Century, artists and historians have recorded the Nature and needs of human beings.
However, to understand the messages, viewers/readers must understand the language of Symbolism. To do this, one has to be either very intuitive* or a member of a secret society.
 If you engage in the 3rd Eye Sage PROGRAMS, you will learn why multiple time and dimensional walls dissolve when you hear or think about certain music, films and other creative sources; you will learn why the interminable questions about anything significant are never answered; will understand how the lyrics to music/poetry, themes of films, dance, books and subject matter of any/all creative works actually reveal more truth than any politician or newscast ever will - through Symbolism and emotions. 
You will also discover why 'victories' that are orchestrated will NEVER deliver the same euphoria as those that are naturally synchronised.....
The author has lived on both sides of alleged reality and has discovered - first-hand, i.e. experientially - the effects on the body and brain of living according to (1) Society's laws and delivered via the family/care givers and educators, from birth, and (2) Nature's laws and the voice of the inner, spiritual, Superconscious mind. 
* 3rd Eye Open - all the Inner Senses


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