Natura non facit saltus - Nature does not make leaps

 There is nothing in Nature that happens overnight ..... so to accept that humans have in one century switched from being controllers of their own bodies and minds, to being totally constrained and limited by the (non) abilities of their bodies/minds is tantamount to .... well, believing in MAGIC.
Humans would serve themselves better if they watched the multiple documentaries about the Earth* than by listening to so-called health advice channelled thru the media.  Individuals are inextricably part of nature, featuring the same properties and principles: this is what evolution is all about.
The fact that the education system does not teach young people about the limitless unconscious mind - which informs and controls the conscious mind - is very telling.
Before any disease/illness occurs everyone is given subtle warnings by the hidden Subconsious mind, thru feelings and fears, about potential situations the individual will face if they do not break down the walls confining them to their current (dis)comfort zone.
The REAL Magic that exists in the Universe occurs when you follow your Higher mind and inner desires (the Superconscious self) - by tossing away the monotone mantra of "gotta earn money".  If u do exclusively follow the latter, i.e. imprison your multi-faceted and multi-talented Metaphysical Twin you will run the risk of developing multi physical and mental illnesses. 
If you take the first step towards honoring this universally ignored ghost that lives inside your mind and body, whose call signs are:  integrity, perspective, scales, wholeness, purity, height, Truth and speed, then your enjoyment of life really starts as you see clearly everything and everyone around you, including the reasons for the world being hell-bent on the state of global Wars and addiction to money.  The very first thing that will happen is the relegation of money to its rightful place: to serve you, not to control you.
3rd Eye Sage provides information on how the Subconscious mind works; the alternative life that is awaiting you once you ditch the media-fed indoctrination about the human condition; information on the root causes of human dysfunctions - illness and conditions that run contrary to the naturally healthy state of all humans.
If you want to find out about the once natural state of humans, the causes of non-congenital sickness, and the importance of Mythology, Quantum Physics and Science ....then you're at the right site.
Plus info on the meaning of the Subconscious mind, Superintelligence, Subtext, Subliminals and Symbolism - all used throughout history to convey real agendas.

  * Led by the BBC series presented by Professor Iain Stewart - 'Rise of the Continents', 'Earth-The Power of the Planet', and 'How Earth Made Us'.



  -  Symbolism, Subtext and Subliminals - the language of the Metaphysical Twin, or the Unconscious minds of everyone, inclulding Spirit and Soul.  Also used to progress the World Forward Agenda.



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