Sine waves* and Crystallography will best explain the mental/physical state of all humans.

Depression occurs when humans become limited to a square (in 3D, a cube) whose 4 walls encase and confine the individual's thinking to a down-wards vortex of confinement.

This happens when humans lack freedom :-

  • to live as they wish;
  • are deprived of freedom to express their (pure) nature;
  • are ignorant of the effect of diet on the human body/mind;
  • are ignorant of the role that hormones play;
  • are not aware of molecular health;
  • are conditioned to believe the Status Quo (Outer/Ego) is the only option.
  • Believe the media hype which extols the virtues of social media & our new kings/queens - celebrities (who endorse that view, as this delivers their income).

*Sine = relevance in trigonometry, physiology, Roman rule, geology, politics, biology and the psychological mind.

 Sign = Subtext



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