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Causation of all human needs can be summarised by an equation.

Like all equations, there are 3 elements.  Like the integers of a pyramid.

These elements comprise:

In order to avoid mental & physical health issues, humans need all three components.

Once the equation is realised, and the removal of a key component to human survival is factored in (£££), the remaining open door to sanity & physical health, is


Cited in Art, Alchemy & Symbolic form throughout the ages, Measurement is a code name for God (etymology & linguistics).

A significant reminder of the importance of art, creativity, Symbolism & the imagination (Meta Twin) is the 21st Century references to Leonardo da Vinci.... now to be found in all your local public toilets as your brand name provider of all bog-standard ablution facilities.

The Egyptians used Symbolism & imagery to project the nature of God and humans, namely Horus, Osiris & Isis (now used to denote a terrorist organisation), as did the Greeks, Mayans & all other myth civilisations. 

Services provided by 3rd Eye Sage are intuitive knowledge on the human condition - mental and physical, including ways in which humans have got it so wrong, hence physical & mental ill health.

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